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            เงินฟรี เครดิต ฟรี วัน เกิด

            PETER WARREN
            Who is Warren?

            - Broadcaster
            - Investigator
            - He recommends
            - Answers to Emails

            - Celebrity guests
            - Fans & Foes
            - Warren in the news

            - Around the world

            - To contact Warren
            - You have a story
            --"(for my eyes only")

            "Warren, I have been trying to figure out why I like your program more than the others.
            Instead of trying to push an agenda, you just try to search for the truth."

            J. Z. Smith, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

            "Know why I listen? You make me really think about the bigger picture.
            Please know that your unvarnished, unbiased seeking of truth,
            is what makes you a hero in my eyes
            Lisa Fiezel,  Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

            "If Steven Truscott got a measure of justice from the Supreme Court judges today it was,
            in part, because of you as well as other voices, who spoke up for him."

            Orest Slepokura, Strathmore, AB

            E-Mail: sometimes ugly, sometimes sad, sometimes
            happy, always honest -- Click Here Now !

            Click here to listen to a drunk driver who killed a child
            at Christmas ... the most dramatic open-line radio call
            you will ever hear!!!

            All Warren's archival material is stored at the University of Manitoba

            Warren is a guest lecturer
            at universities and colleges

            Were they wrongfully convicted of murder?

            Former radio hosts takes up the cause of three men
            currently behind bars ... Read More

            Dan Cook, Globe and Mail writer, blogger, talk-show host and raconteur writes:

            "Warren never did his work for fame or fortune; he worked to give a voice to people who didn't have one. Whether it was the four convicts who gave themselves up live on-air, to his extensive work with wrongfully convicted David Milgaard, James Driskell and Thomas Sophonow, or to his current work of 14 murder cases, Canada loses an all-important, one-of-a-kind voice."

            Veteran newspaperman, radio host and investigative reporter Peter Warren is trading his microphone for a gumshoe detective's notebook -- for good, it seems.

            The Globe and Mail, March 1, 2006

            Warren answers E-mail

            You can assist Warren. In the case of Kelvin Purdy, whom he has interviewed in the penitentiary, Warren needs to contact the brother,
            born Lawrence Michael Perkins (dob May 1, 1969) in Dryden, Ontario,
            adopted out by the Children's Aid Society in Kenora, Ontario at a very early age. Please help.

            Murders Currently Under Review:

            Sean Brian Lee (wrongful conviction)
            Juan Antonio Blanco-Arriba
            Chuck Skwarok
            Zbiegneu (Ted) Mieczkowski
            Sherry Anne Wallace
            James, Evelyn Peterson and seven of eight children
            Jason Gross
            Michael Tate (wrongful conviction)
            Leon Walchuk (wrongful conviction)

            (If you know or have any information
            about these cases, please contact Warren:
            Thank you).

            Until he pulled the plug on regular radio programs in March, 2006, Peter Warren was (and still is) the longest-running, open-line radio host in North America. Former Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau once said that an interview with Warren "was worse than Question Period." Warren now operates a freelance agency specializing in private investigations into cold-case murders and other stories for broadcast, print or just closure for people involved.
            Need help in that regard? Contact Warren.


            "I would like to thank Warren for checking the facts, and giving me air-time to start the ball rolling and proving my innocence." - Thomas Sophonow, who spent four years wrongfully imprisoned for a murder he did not commit Update

            "Thanks, Warren, for my first media interview and believing in me." - Jim Driskell, who spent 15 years behind bars after being convicted for a murder he did not commit.



            Warren answers questions he receives by email.


            B.C.’s fiercest radio talk-show host unmasked
            BC Business Magazine's Article

            Peter Warren Investigative Journalism Inc.,
            6-1030 Hulford St., Victoria, B.C. Canada, V8X 3B6
            Phone: 250-380-7945 / Fax: 250-380-4672
            E-Mail: peter_warren@telus.net

            Do you know someone who might be interested in Warren's web site?

            Just type in their name: Type in their e-mail address
            Then tell them who you are: What your e-mail address is :

            ©PeterWarren 2002-6


            เงินฟรี เครดิต ฟรี วัน เกิด

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